Don’t Rush Challenge: The Bachelor SA OG Edition!

15 April 2020
We are loving this reunion.

Our The Bachelor SA Season 1 ladies shut down Al Gore’s internet recently, with their flawless take on the wildly popular #DontRushChallenge.

The #DontRushChallenge, named after Young T and Bugsey’s catchy hit “Don’t Rush”, was started by UK student Tolu Asolo and her squad of girlfriends. Bored in quarantine, the ladies filmed themselves passing around a makeup brush like a baton, showing off their transformations from natural, to glam goddesses. Social Media users around the world responded in kind by recreating the video – and a new viral challenge was born!

Now, our The Bachelor SA OGs try it on for size. 

Kelly T, Jacqui, Nontombi, Natasha and Jozaan came together like beautiful Power Rangers and filmed their own version, which Jozaan posted to her Instagram account a few days ago.

The video starts with a onesie-clad Kelly T brushing her teeth in a sunlit room with her back to the camera. She then proceeds to give us a little wiggle, which we appreciate highly. Her transformation into a literal angel on earth, is but a taste of how amazing the rest of this video is.

Important takeaways from this video?

1. Kelly T has a nice wiggle – and even better socks 

2. Jacqui looks like Kim Kardashian (especially when she's pouting with her eyes closed)

3. Nontombi has the nicest bathrobe we have ever seen. And face. Definitely her face 🔥 

4. Natasha is not too good at catching, but she's EXCELLENT at being beautiful

5. Jozaan still looks like a model. When will we ever?


Presenting: Class Of Season 1


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