America: Is She Lying To Lee? - The Bachelor SA

15 March 2019
Possible boyfriends and philandering – it’s all too much to take in.
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The last couple of weeks in The Bachelor SA mansion have been fraught with drama, rumour-mongering and general salaciousness – and at the centre of it all is sensual beauty, America.

It all started about two weeks ago, with the sudden “disappearance” of America’s diary - “Disappearance”, because no one is actually sure if this really happened (despite the auburn-haired bombshell insisting).

As we all know, diaries are very personal - and often house the deepest and darkest of secrets. According to Jacqui (who went and told Kim the news), someone in the house took a peek into the diary before it disappeared and in it was proof that America has a boyfriend outside the mansion.

Upon discovering her most prized possession was nowhere to be found, America confronted the girls – and as can be expected, all hell broke loose. What? Where? When and Why? Would anyone try to steal America’s diary? Jacqui, specifically, seems to be the one who was singled out in Diarygate – and as a result, her relationship with America has turned cold as ice. “The only person who is a bully in this house, is AMERICA,” she said in a confessional linked to last night’s Dotsure Secrets Game. But what is really going on? What is the truth?

"Where is my diary?"


Last night, the accusations were flying; America is still in love with her ex fiancé and her motives for being in the house are sinister. She was grilled by the gang ‘til she was well done like a juicy steak, about her thoughts on “philandering and philanderers”, amongst many other things - a definite collective jab aimed directly at her.

During his one-on-one date with America, Lee also tried to get to the bottom of things by asking her pointed questions about her diary, the contents thereof, as well as all the rumours that are spreading. America insisted the only reason everyone thinks she has a boyfriend is because she has a picture of him in her diary. She swiftly denied rumours that said ex fiance had written her a love letter - and professed her commitment to getting to know Lee better and to speaking the truth at all times. This seemed to assuage Lee, who has been evidently struggling to make sense of it all.

As soon as America returned from her date, all the girls went in for the kill, asking her how she feels about Lee. “I feel like he could be my best friend” seemed to add even more fuel to the fire. There were eye-rolls, lots of teeth-sucking and even a “I’ve seen her be more excited for a cup of coffee”, as the ladies convinced each other that America is taking Lee for a ride. At the Cocktail Party, brave Kelly even broke away from the crowd, sat down with Lee and warned him about “someone in the house” who does not have his best interests at heart.

At the Rose Ceremony, however, Lee ignored all the talk, put his heart on the line and gave America a rose, leaving all the ladies at the podium flabbergasted.

"America, Will You Accept This Rose?"

Is he making a mistake? Is America toying with his heart, or are the other ladies just trying to get rid of her so there is less competition? We can’t wait to see how all of this ends.

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