5 Moments That Got Twitter Hot – The Bachelor SA

06 March 2020
Here's what you had to say about last night's episode

We’re still reeling from last night’s episode of The Bachelor SA. From girls in bikinis and fights, to sweet romance, Week 4 had it all. Twitter? Loved every minute of it. Here’s what you had to say about it all.

The Big Nolo Confrontation

We were all trying to settle in when things went from 0 to 100 real quick. The ladies sat Nolo down and expressed how they felt about the way she had addressed them at the start of last week’s Cocktail Party. The ensuing back and forth, had Twitter completely transfixed. 



Girls In Bikinis 

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We were all a little jealous of the ladies, courtesy of this week’s Group Date, which looked like a very fun time. And the bikinis? Boy! The bikinis. Twitter obviously had a lot to say about that topic – and we don’t blame them.



Want an amazing summer body? Grab a pen and paper because the ladies are sharing some pretty handy tips and tricks below.

Slay The Summer


Pasha “snitching”

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Pasha didn’t waste any time beating about the bush when Marc asked her how everyone was getting along in the mansion. 



But how is everyone dealing with everything (dishes included) that's happening in the house?

Cohabiting nightmares


Silke unraveling


Marisia finally got her Individual Date with Marc after missing out when Pasha used her Wild Rose Powers – and although she was excited, the same can’t be said for Silke. Twitter? Couldn’t believe it.



The Explosive Cocktail Party

Things go awry


Last night’s Cocktail Party has got to be the most emotionally explosive we have witnessed in The Bachelor SA history. From Nolo buying into the “Andeline goes first” pact and then backtracking, to Qiniso breaking down into a heap of tears courtesy of her bust-up with Silke, Twitter had our hashtag #TheBachelorSA lit up.







Whew! Wonder what next week’s got in store for us. Remember to watch – and not just watch, but Tweet along using #TheBachelorSA.

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