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Your burning questions answered - Survivor SA

18 July 2022
You asked and Nico answered. Here are a few of the burning questions you demanded answers for.
Survivor SA S9

Nico answers some of the Survivor SA fan questions. 

Watch the videos below to see if your questions made the final cut. 

Questions from Twitter


How hard is it to bite your tongue at tribal council?

Nico: Many years of practice ;) 

How did you feel seeing Chappies lose that crucial game?

Nico: There was a collective groan when Chappies lost. You could see it in his face when he came out of the challenge and I remember seeing him dealing with the grief of losing the title. 

Questions from Facebook


Can the survivors take a toothbrush, razor or sunblock as their luxury item from home?

Nico: Absolutely not. We do not have comfort items other than the really necessary ones. You make yourself comfortable with what you find or win. 

What is the best and worst part of being the host on Survivor SA?

Nico: The best part is that I get to watch people play the best game on earth, and the worst part is that I can't play the best game on earth.

What are you looking for when you watch audition videos?

Nico: Within the first few seconds we know that somebody is suitable. You can see their spirit come through on the screen and we look for energy and you being yourself. 

Questions from Instagram

Who is your favourite Survivor SA player?

Nico: I'll tell you my favourite kind of player and that is someone who comes into the game willing to adapt. 

What is the most memorable blind-side you've ever experienced?

Nico: My favourite kind of blind-side is where players are voted out with an idol in their pocket. 

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