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The Outpost, explained – Survivor SA

19 July 2022
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At The Outpost, two members from each tribe must negotiate to take supplies for their tribe. Seamus and Thoriso from Yontau and Shane and Steffi from Masu. Once at The Outpost, they can take one Buco item and one other item. The Buco items are:

  • one bag of pap,
  • one bag of protein bars,
  • one bunch of bananas,
  • one bag of biltong,
  • one container with dried fruit,
  • one bag of lentils.

The other supplies they can choose from are:

  • one axe,
  • one hammer,
  • nails,
  • a saw.

After negotiating for supplies, the four castaways need to save one person from the first Tribal Council. If the person they saved is not going to Tribal, they will be able to hand over that individual Immunity to someone in the tribe that is going to Tribal.

At The Outpost, Thoriso realised that essentially an outsider could come into their tribal council and decide against their will who to protect. "That would be an absolute disaster." But Shane was determined: "Weakening them and having them lose someone they didn’t expect would make us incredibly happy."

The first visit to The Outpost

Steffi and Shane were open to negotiation and decided to reveal who they wanted to vote out – Tejan. "We expose our weakest, and they expose their weakness, but they didn’t want to budge," said Steffi. 

Thoriso I felt like, unlike Seamus, she was willing to throw them a bone for something potential in the future. "But I think [Seamus] came in very adamant, so that wasn’t going to happen. We’ve got to give people the impression that even if you’re going to stand your ground, you’re not. It’s called tact. And I don’t think he had any whatsoever up there."

After negotiating, it was time to vote and head back to camp. After they left, Nico took us on an exclusive tour of The Outpost. Watch below: 

The first tribal immunity challenge revealed who they chose to save, and it was a tied vote: Two votes for Tania and two for Tevin. They drew rocks, and Tevin drew the white rock, making him the winner of the Outpost Idol and giving him the power to save someone at the next Tribal Council. Yontau won the challenge, sending Masu to Tribal Council.

Watch the clip below:

At Tribal Council, it seemed very Kumbaya amongst the Masu, until Tevin decided to rock the boat, revealing that Steffi and Shane were planning on voting for Tejan. After a heated discussion, it was time to vote. Tevin decided to save Palesa. 

Danté received one vote, while Shane received four and Chappies five, making Chappies the first castaway to be voted out. 

Find out what Chappies had to say after leaving Tribal Council below: 

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