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Welcome to merge – Survivor SA

08 August 2022
Here's what you can expect.
Survivor SA

In a season like no other, with a merge quite unlike any other, anything goes on Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts. It’s time for individual gameplay – but those who pull the trigger too early or get blinded by the R2 million prize could find themselves on the wrong side of an alliance. 

The Merge tribe, Salan, features seven members from the original Masu (Danté, Meryl, Marian, Steffi, Shane, Toni, Tejan) and four from Yontau (Dino, Phil, Felix, Killarney) – with most members having post-merge experience from their seasons.  

Five reasons to watch Survivor SA this week: 

  • The individual immunity Necklace is in play. 
  • New tools enter the game while others, kept secret, have expired. Could they still have an impact on the game, somehow? 
  • An alliance is outed at a feisty tribal council. What does that mean for the alliance and the person who spilled the lentils? 
  • One castaway’s big win drives them straight into the spotlight. 
  • An important tool is bartered for a vote – who’s the winner in that deal? 

Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts is broadcast Monday to Thursday on DStv’s M-Net Channel 101 each week until the finale on 25 August, where South Africa’s richest-ever Survivor prize will be awarded. There’s also an omnibus broadcast on M-Net on Saturdays from 15:30 to 19:30, and, of course, every episode is available on DStv catch up. For more about Survivor SA, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.