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The tribal pass, explained – Survivor SA

01 August 2022
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During episode nine, Yontau won the tribal immunity and reward challenge. For the reward, they were sent to the FreshStop Survivor SA shop. Here, they were allowed to visit the shop one at a time but had to determine the order in which they would do so by drawing straws. Marian drew the shortest drew straws. Marian drew the shortest straw, and Meryl drew the longest. Therefore, she was allowed to visit the FreshStop shop first. 

In the FresStop shop, they were each given three minutes to eat and drink as much as they wanted to. And right from the start, the castaways knew there was an advantage hidden. 

Once in the shop, Meryl immediately searched through the food with no luck. But then she spotted a cake with what seemed to be the merge emblem according to her. She dug right in, going through the cake with her fingers, and found the tribal council pass. 

This pass allows her to choose one person to leave tribal and head back straight to camp. They can sit in on tribal, but will need to leave before the tribe gets to vote. They cannot cast a vote but cannot be voted out. Whoever Meryl chooses will play no further part at tribal council, which means that this castaway will not participate in the vote. It also means that they can not be voted out of the game. Meryl also has the option of either choosing herself or any other one of her fellow tribe members.

The last time the tribal council pass can be used is when the game has six remaining castaways. 

Relive the moment Meryl found the pass below:

Survivor SA

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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