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The Mayoress of Ponderosa – Survivor SA

09 August 2022
The first person to head to Ponderosa and the first member of our jury is...
Survivor SA

Having made it to Merge, Toni became the first castaway to have her torch snuffed and join the jury on Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts.

Tejan played his hidden immunity idol to nullify the three votes against him from Felix, Dino and Phil – but ultimately wasted it with Steffi, Killarney, Marian, Shane, Danté and Meryl targeting Toni, to send her to Ponderosa. Toni herself had voted for Meryl and Tejan, for Danté. 

As Nico snuffed her torch, Toni turned to Salan and warned them that she would be the ‘Mayoress of Ponderosa’. 

For interviews with Toni, contact Sifiso Ndhlovu: [email protected] 

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Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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