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Tania sets the record straight – Survivor SA

25 July 2022
Find out what happened between Tania and Felix after season 7.
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This week, we said goodbye to the self-proclaimed giant Tania, who very quickly crept deep into our hearts this season. But after a hefty dispute between her and Pinty regarding food and space around the fire, we couldn't help but think back to when Felix and Tania had a fallout due to space at camp while it was pouring with rain. 

Relive the moment below:

Back in season 7, it was pouring rain in Samoa. At the Ta'alo camp, Tania occupied a dry spot in the shelter. Felix then asked her to move, and after she refused, Felix went ahead and sat on top of her, which made Tania furious – and of course, the rest of South Africa saw on TV how this altercation between the two castaways carried on into the game until Felix was finally voted out. 

However, according to Tania, something happened at the reünion and off camera. We asked Tania to shed some light on the matter:

  1. What impact did this altercation have on your relationship with Felix in the game?
    At Laumei, after tribe swap, Jacques, Felix and I had the numbers, but at the first possible opportunity, we blindsided him. I felt vindicated in a way, so it definitely impacted our relationship in the game. If he hadn't done that, Jacques, Felix and I would have probably stayed together for longer, and Durao would have been voted out. I left the game feeling quite bitter because he was part of the bro-hoes, Meryl, Danté, Cobus and Felix. I perceived them as the nasty popular kid at school, and I felt they were bullies. 
  2. And what exactly happened at the finale?
    Felix and I went through a very cathartic moment at the finale, and unfortunately, it was outside of the game. Therefore, the fans wouldn't be aware of it. At the finale, I was standing outside with my kids. Felix came over, but it was clear that he didn't come over to me. He came over to my children – they are all boys. He first apologised for how he treated their mother on the island. "I'm actually ashamed of it, and I would not have done this in real life," he said. "I was tired, cold and hungry, and I know it’s no excuse, but please forgive me.”

    I was just so impressed by that. That made me realise again that this is a game, and that’s all it took – the moment he turned to my kids and me and said that, I forgave him instantly. He then stood around for a couple of hours, and my kids had a million and one questions... But he was a real man in that moment, and he owned it and apologised for it – from that moment, he’s been in my heart.
  3. What would you like the public to know about Felix?
    That he’s an honourable man and that he's got the biggest heart. He adores his wife and children – they are his world – and he’s a genuine and caring person. If I were to go through a storm, I would be incredibly honoured and blessed to have him on my side. We all make mistakes, but how you deal with them is more important. It couldn’t have been easy to come over to six pretty strong young men, 18 to about 24 years old. I think that is the mark of a true man, and he will own it – but not just own it. He will own it privately. That gave me such closure, and I’ll forever respect him for that move.

    I’d do anything for him. If he found himself out of a job or without a home, his family could move into mine. While we live on different sides of the country, and we're not likely to bump into each other, I'll always hold a very special place in my heart for him. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him, and consider us close friends.

    In my mind, he is actually the giant, and I'm honoured to know him.

Find out what Felix said about Tania in the voting booth before she was booted:

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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