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Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts

05 June 2022
Ready, set … redemption!
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The world’s greatest game returns to M-Net on Monday 18 July with plenty of familiar faces as 20 former castaways return to right wrongs on Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts.
Back in the game are a mixture of strategists, schemers, risk-takers and record-breakers from five previous Survivor South Africa seasons who’ll do anything to avoid having their torches snuffed for a second time, over a bumper four episodes a week.
“This isn’t an ‘All Stars’ season – in fact, it’s a totally unique concept,” says executive and creative producer Leroux Botha. “All of the castaways returning to the game this season have demons to lay to rest, with the added challenge of everyone knowing exactly how everyone else played their game, before.”
M-Net’s senior manager: marketing and PR, Shireez Latief says that the four episode per week schedule will give Survivor SA superfans the chance to feast on what is set to be some stellar game play. “Having four hours a week to explore the full intricacy of the game is going to lay bare every machination,” she says. “It’s also a great way for newcomers to the magic of Survivor SA to get to know these returning Castaways and appreciate why they’re such masters of the game.”
Meet your 20 returning outcasts.

Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts premieres on M-Net on Monday 18 July, with four episodes per week, Mondays to Thursdays. Join the conversation on the Survivor Facebook Page or on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SurvivorSA.