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Reasons to watch this week – Survivor SA

18 July 2022
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Survivor SA

The stakes are higher than ever before as Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts kicks off this week. With the castaways pre-divided into pre- and post-merge tribes, Yontau and Masu, respectively, it’s a battle of those who thought they were dumped from the game early and those who’ve been within touching distance of the final.

Nobody at Yontau wants to get the boot before merging again – and nobody at Masu wants to fall short of the heights they scaled during their season.

Reasons to watch this week:

  1. Old grudges play as much a role as old friendships and alliances – with the added challenge of everyone knowing what each other’s game is all about. Relationships formed outside the game also come into play – along with a bombshell about a romance gone wrong.
  2. There’s a twist in the shape of a new spot for nominated tribe members to come together to negotiate
  3. The fight for resources is always tough, but things come to a head early on when someone is accused of being ‘a greedy little piggy’.
  4. A shameless hunt for an Immunity Idol at a reward feast changes the game’s dynamic
  5. One Castaway sees serious flames.

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts is broadcasted Monday to Thursday on DStv’s M-Net Channel 101 each week until the finale on 25 August, where South Africa’s richest-ever Survivor prize will be awarded. There’s also an omnibus broadcast on M-Net on Saturdays from 15:30 to 19:30, and of course, every episode is available on DStv CatchUp. For more about Survivor SA visit the official website or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  


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