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Flushing an idol – Survivor SA

25 July 2022
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It's clear that when a group of returning castaways gets the chance to play the greatest game on earth again, the level of gameplay is upped, and so is idol hunting. 

At the last tribal council, Seamus unexpectedly played an idol, even though his name wasn't on the chopping block. Some might say it was a wrong move, while others might say it was a smart, strategic one. 

It all started when Thoriso's paranoia forced her to lead her fellow tribe members on a trail of distraction. Pretty early on, she noticed the markings on the trees at Yontau and knew immediately that these were signs of a hidden immunity idol. To try and prevent the others from finding the idol, she spread the rumour around the camp that Tevin had already found it. 

Once Tevin caught on about her plan, he called everyone together and suggested they try and find the idol together. Seamus was not impressed with the idea of finding it together, and after they eventually found it, he nominated himself to hold on to it "for the benefit of the tribe", 

Away from camp and the rest of the castaways, Seamus said that "public idols are the worst". According to him, "they are unplayable" and go against everything he stands for in the game. "The best way to play this idol is to throw it in the sea, and hopefully, one will come out tomorrow that only I find."

Interestingly, every time an idol is played, a new one is introduced into the game. 

At tribal, when asked about the idol, Tevin told Nico that Seamus has it and that he deserves to have it. Before heading into the vote, Seamus unexpectedly played it, even though it was clear that Tania was going home. 

Therefore, did Seamus strategically flush the idol, or did he truly feel his back was against the wall, paranoid that history would repeat itself and that he would be the first castaway from his tribe to be voted out?

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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