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Five ways to avoid the crosshair – Survivor SA

22 July 2022
Follow these five easy steps.
Survivor SA

by Jan-Hendrik Botha

Our returning castaways are all determined to keep the target off their backs. But it seems some of them still struggle – even a second time around.

Based on what happened at the camps this week, here are five things we suggest you avoid when playing the greatest game on earth.

  1. Don't be the reason for the tribe needing a car guard
    Don't be too apparent at night. Someone might just be lurking. It's one thing opening a diner on the beach at night (Chappíés)...

    ...but it's another when it's very early in the game, and people are still tip-toeing around, trying to find and test alliances. 

  2. Don’t eat all the pineapples
    If you get hangry like Pinty, dig deep because your appetite might just leave a bad taste in your fellow tribe mate’s mouths. So trust us on this: wear sunscreen indeed, especially when you're on the Sunshine Coast, and don’t eat the pineapples – especially when they are green (thank you for the health tip, Shona).

  3. Never tell a secret that's actually a lie
    Your strategy? "Let's share something that seems like a secret but is actually a lie." Don't do it because it'll spread like wildfire, especially when you're after a hidden immunity idol.

    And when a handsome, persuasive doctor is involved, best you avoid doing so completely. Did you hear that, Thoriso? We know you're desperate to save some time, but the problem is you can't trust that handsome doctor, especially when both of your lives in the game depend on the number of idols you find. Wink, wink, Tevin. 

  4. Rather bite your tongue
    One thing’s for sure: If you are renowned for challenging the alpha male (yes, Killarney, season 5 is still fresh in our minds) and for being perceived as somewhat bossy, rather stand at the back and bite your tongue the second time you get invited to compete in the greatest social game on earth. Someone might lurk in the spy shack (well played, Tania).

  5. Beware of the Survivor SA appetite
    Never call someone out for being "a greedy little pig". It might just put a target on your back – especially when the majority is looking for tribe unity. You might feel like a giant today. But don't get ahead of yourself too soon in the game, otherwise, you might get sent off tomorrow. 


Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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