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Diplomatic immunity, explained – Survivor SA

20 July 2022
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This season, diplomatic immunity is back at play. If you're a Survivor SA superfan, you will remember that in season eight, diplomatic immunity was bequeathed to Chappies and Jason at Immunity Island in the form of two matching bracelets. This season, it is in the form of a buff in the colour of the opposing tribe.

Relive the moment when Jason and Chappies won diplomatic immunity below:

This week, Marian found the diplomatic immunity idol. But what advantage does it hold?

If, at any time before merge, the tribe of the person in possession of diplomatic immunity loses an immunity challenge and has to go to tribal council, the person in possession can invoke the power – either on themselves or on any member of their tribe. If a tribe loses an immunity challenge, the castaway on that tribe that has diplomatic immunity can permanently send themselves or any other member of their tribe to the winning tribe.

This advantage can only be invoked while castaways are still on the challenge mat. After Nico sends the tribes off, it cannot be played.

Diplomatic immunity can only be used once and only up until merge, and though there are two diplomatic immunity idols, the castaway who plays it first is the only castaway that may play it throughout the season.

Relive the moment Marian found diplomatic immunity below:

The power of this idol lies within the buff, and therefore whoever has the buff has the power to invoke the idol.

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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