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The cross-tribal idol, explained – Survivor SA

27 July 2022
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During episode seven, after the long-anticipated tribe swap, the new Yontau and Masu tribes were introduced.

After swapping and arriving at their new camps, Danté (new Yontau member) and Tejan (new Masu member) were sent to The Outpost to trade items for their tribes. 

At The Outpost, each received a clue to where a cross-tribal immunity idol is hidden back at their camps – one idol at the Masu water well and another at the Yontau water well. 

The cross-tribal immunity idol can is considered a bargaining chip. It is useless to the castaway in possession of it at the camp where it was found. However, it can be used to bargain with someone in the other tribe.

The idol can only be played by someone from the opposite tribe. The person in possession has the power to decide who this is and can then hand it over. 

Danté found his first and decided it would be wise to wait for Tejan to find his idol and then swap. 

But Tejan is still hard at work trying to find his. We hope he finds it before merge, as this idol is only valid until then. 

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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