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Aquaman vs Aquaman – Survivor SA

19 July 2022
What happens when Aquaman and Aquaman come face to face? Chappies and Danté set the record straight once and for all.
Survivor SA

by Jan-Hendrik Botha

It is no secret that both Danté and Chappies were well-known for their fearless approach to the water challenges in their respective seasons. This year, we have both the Aquaman players back to compete for a second time, and they are both in the same tribe. 

We caught up with these two castaways and asked them a few questions to see how this affected their strategy. 

What went through your head when you spotted each another for the first time? 

  • Danté:
    Seeing Chappies on the mat next to me simultaneously made me anxious and excited. We are all aware of his unorthodox game in season eight and how well he could move through the shadows even as an excellent physical player. But, with that said, having him on my tribe meant we would be able to hopefully combine our strengths and move into the game as a unit, hopefully working together and also getting to know each other. 
  • Chappies:
    The moment I saw Danté, I knew things would get interesting. From his previous run, I learned that he is not necessarily fond of the social game but that he is someone who you can rely on once you've gained his trust. He has a mysterious stillness and a vibe that states he does not want to be bothered. I immediately thought that we could go quite far if we decided to play together, but that I also won't mind going up against him in any challenge. After all, there can only be one Aquaman, which should be proven on the water battlefield. 

In case you missed it, here's what Danté had to say entering the game for a second time:

Both of you have been dubbed Aquaman. Why do you think you are the ultimate Survivor SA Aquaman?

  • Danté
    Having been dubbed the original Aquaman of Survivor SA by South Africa, it is awesome to come up against a younger, stronger, and fitter version of myself. If humility and compassion were superpowers of Aquaman, I am more than happy to share that title with Chappies as he is an absolute gem of a person, tribe member, and friend. I feel content with the idea of handing him the title and carrying it until the next version of Aquaman reveals himself (or herself). 
  • Chappies
    I can hold my breath for three minutes and 15 seconds, swim faster than most people can run (including Danté), and take an ice-cold shower without blinking an eye. 

How do you plan on playing the game with each other?

  • Danté
    Seeing that we are on the same starting tribe, I would rely on his physical abilities to assist the tribe in staying away from tribal. Regarding how I would play against him, I would need to see if he will fall back to how he played in season eight. Should he play the after-hours game when everyone is sleeping, I would need a very good game plan to match that. As far as a social game, I will try to keep him close to me and build a strong relationship. Hopefully, we can rely on each other for information, as many might assume we will go for each other due to both of us wearing speedos – and we all know there can only be one speedo-wearing Aquaman. 
  • Chappies
    I first have to get to know Danté to know who he really is, so I can know what I have to work with. If I see an opportunity to work with him, I won't mind taking him as far as I can so that we can battle it out in the individual immunity challenges. We can both serve as meat shields for one another for quite a big part of the game, so I don't see a reason to vote him out soon unless he gives me a reason to do so. If Danté has any plans of backstabbing me in any way, he better do it while I'm asleep to avoid becoming part of the Chappies' diner menu. 

Find out what has changed in Chappies' gameplay:

Entering the game, what would like to say to one another? 

  • Danté
    Being an exceptional player, I am excited to share this experience with him. I am looking forward to long talks around the fire, or perhaps we can open up an Aquaman Diner together. Dress code? Speedo's, food. On the menu? bottomless mussels. 
  • Chappies
    Aquaman does not mind having a wingman, but if you try to cut my wings and fail in doing so, you will soon be an option on the Chappies' Diner Menu. Playing the best game on earth with a contestant I once rooted for and highly admire is a privilege. I hope we get the opportunity to take each other on a few challenges. 

Images: Charlie Sperring and Peter Russell

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