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Name: Tania Copeland

Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets S7

Age: 54

Hometown: Paternoster

Colourful Tania Copeland lives life on her own terms. Born in South Africa before relocating to the UK – and then returning when she was 21 – the now-retired business owner lives a quiet life on the coast.

An avid rock-climber, she doesn’t let society’s rules and restrictions constrain her. She has a strong bond with her children – two biological kids, loads of fostered kids – and her five dogs.

She learnt a lot about herself and the game of Survivor in her season and is thrilled to

get the chance to implement those learnings now. Whereas she spent a lot of time off on her own looking for idols before, she plans to now spend more time with her tribemates. Copeland is determined to win by aligning herself with the strong players and making herself valuable – at camp and as a vote.

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