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Name: Shona MacDonald
Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Champions S5
Age: 33
Hometown: Cape Town
Shona MacDonald is a successful, self-starting entrepreneur with a lingerie and swimwear brand she has been running for a few years. She is also developing a new dating app and has been accepted to take this further at a tech incubator in South America this year.
She successfully pitched her business idea on Shark Tank and secured the investment she needed to boost her business when three of the five Sharks offered her capital. She is very proud of this moment because she feels she was seen as a strong, confident businesswoman.
Shona wants to make a difference in the world and advocates for body-positivity, independence, and flying the South African flag. She feels it is her purpose and study to contribute to the country, its economy, and its people.
During her previous season, she was overwhelmed and struggled to make connections, with her self-awareness and insecurity taking over. Despite her strengths as a social player, being called out by her captain as a weak physical player set her game back in a way that she found she couldn’t come back from. 

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