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Name: Seamus Lind Holmes
Season: Survivor South Africa: Philippines S6
Age: 29
Hometown: Durban
Seamus Lind Holmes is a Durbanite who works as the regional sales manager of a commercial trucking equipment company. He channels his competitive nature into excelling at endurance sports.
He is a massive Survivor fan – he has researched the game, strategies, heroes, villains, and the game’s evolution over the years. He watches Survivor religiously with his mother and sees this as a big bonding experience for them.
Understanding that he played too hard, and too fast in the Philippines, meant he didn’t pay enough attention to his tribemates and how they were approaching the game. Seamus feels he has matured tremendously since his season and is in a far better mental space than before. With a second shot, he is determined to play the biggest game Survivor has ever seen.

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Man standing in forest
Man standing in forest

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