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Name: Marian de Vos
Previous season: Survivor SA: Champions S5
Age: 33
Hometown: Cape Town
Marian de Vos studied fashion at the College of Fashion Design in Cape Town and now works as a buyer in the retail industry. She grew up in a big family and is the youngest of five siblings
Marian is probably the biggest Survivor fan in South Africa. She’s followed each season closely and has been a particularly online vocal commentator about the show. She knows the game inside out, but still struggled during her season when the addition of captains put her off her game.
Despite that, she still made her mark on the game as Survivor SA’s first true female villain – confident that she had a better grasp of the game than her fellow castaways and was more astute than them. Her biggest challenge this season will be adapting to the way the game has changed in the eight years since she played.

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Marian on the island

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