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Survivor South Africa

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A slam-dunk on social media – Survivor SA

22 August 2021
With Chappies’ stealing, an unforgettable auction, and the fieriest Tribal Council yet, the latest Survivor hit Twitter like a stream train!
Nico at the auction

With his midnight feast cheats, his composure in the challenge, and his way with words at Tribal Council, villain as hero Chappies earned a lot of atention.

With Tyson, and then Wardah, going at Chappies, and then Santoni joining the fray, THAT Tribal Council got a lot of chatter!

Is Tyson a ‘Karen’? 🤣

Season 7’s Durao weighed in after Wardah invoked his name at Tribal – and not in a nice way!

The shock was palpable! 😂

But the overall sentiment on the night was clear – Survivor SA is a world-class show with all the requisite drama and laughter for it to be remembered as a CLASSIC season!

Finally… We’re absolutely FINISHED by this meme! 😂😂

Join us again next Thursday for more EPIC Survivor SA gameplay!