Survivor SA

Top Tribal Council Moments

14 August 2018
This season of #SurvivorSA hasn’t been short of drama, and much of it has played out at Tribal Council.

When Ace was partially duped by Palesa into thinking she had a hidden Immunity Idol, he betrayed his “Big Five” alliance, leading to two tied votes. Thus came the random method of drawing rocks, and Neil – freshly nominated as the de facto leader of Luzon – drew the white rock and was eliminated.

In a move her arch-enemy Tom called “sh*t-hot”, Palesa calmly collected “my” Idol from right next to Nico, after earlier finding a clue.

Tevin was a formidable player who seemed destined to go far in the game of Survivor – that was until PK and Toni hatched a plan to “blindside the blindsider”. When Tevin caught wind of the move at Tribal Council, he tried to word his way out of it – to no avail. Many thought this may have harmed PK’s longer-term prospects – what are your thoughts?

Then, in what is perhaps the most dramatic Tribal Council in #SurvivorSA history – and unprecedented in any Survivor globally – no fewer than three hidden Immunity Idols were played! While Palesa didn’t really need to play hers – for once, she wasn’t a target – PK needed to, and if Werner hadn’t played his he would have gone home a lot earlier than he did! In the end, Chané ended up on the losing side.

Katinka’s biggest move was probably to mastermind this move against Toni whilst alone with PK (her Tribemates were off at Reward or Exile Island), but she followed soon after when Werner caught wind of her plan to oust him next, and he played his Idol for another member of his alliance, Jeanne. Remember: loose lips sink ships Katinks!

Despite this save, Jeanne then engineered what could turn out to be the game’s most vital play in our most recent Tribal Council. After calling out Werner for being arrogant, Jeanne made what was potentially the only play to curry favour with the Jury: blindsiding Werner.

And just like that, the Don was gone.

We have two more Tribal Councils left – let’s hope they continue to be shockers!

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