Survivor SA

The Top 3’s Survivor SA Moves

16 August 2018
We look back at the Top 3’s #SurvivorSA journeys and their most significant moments.

Annalize: A lioness, socialite, and queen

Annalize definitely started the game of Survivor quietly and was embroiled in many Tribe-swaps. During the switch from two to three Tribes, she swapped Luzon for Mindanao. She seemed destined to go home – the Mindanao boys, Tevin, PK, and Marthunis, had her in their sights, but she got a second chance when Werner quit the game. At the subsequent double Tribal Council, she was still the name on most parchments, but instead of being voted out, she returned to Luzon.

With her social and cooking skills, she was welcomed at Luzon – and in this secret scene, she reflects on going from “cleaner for the boys to Queen of the Island.” Despite her usefulness, she was generally regarded as being behind Katinka and Jeanne in Werner’s pecking order. She also bonded with Katinka, and may have even kickstarted her strategic game.

Her ability to openly chat about the game was on display at this Tribal Immunity Challenge, where she and Chané traded Tribe stories. But even after Merge, Annalize was still being moved around – she spent a fruitful day on Exile Island, and when she returned straight to Tribal Council, Katinka had devised a plan to oust Toni, and so Annalize was bumped up in her alliance. When Jeanne decided to turn on Werner, she was more than happy to play along.

Jeanne – Quick quips and a solid social game

From the moment Jeanne touched down on Survivor, her eloquence marked her out. She cannily called out Marthunis as “a brother in a suit” and her feminist leanings were in stark contrast to fellow castaways like Katinka.

She was part of the Mindanao plan to throw an Immunity Challenge and get rid of Marthunis – a plan that backfired when Stacey-Lee lost her will to play. During the first Tribe swap, she ended up at the new Luzon, alongside Toni and Werner – a situation that served her well.

That said, she was oblivious to the fact that Werner had promised Katinka and Tom Top 3, and PK’s interrogation of the situation went unheard – she only really believed it when Tom openly admitted it. She was saved at Top 4 when Werner got wind of Katinka’s plan to oust him and he memorably played his Immunity Idol for her.

Despite this generosity – and in the face of much bitterness from the Jury (see more in this secret scene) – Jeanne made a big play to curry favour and to potentially win Survivor. She engineered the biggest blindside of the season: ousting Werner.

However, her Challenge game was poor. That was, until our last episode, where she made a massive comeback to win her only Immunity Challenge. In this secret scene she admits to not being a good loser – and that she really wanted that hot dog!

Tom – The Fighter

Tom’s start was ignominious – alongside Ace he lost a fire-making challenge to Jeanne – but he made up for it by making fire back at the Luzon camp. He then picked up a hidden Immunity Idol at a Reward Challenge – ahead of Palesa, who’d spotted it after finding a clue.

However, it’s probably all of the conflict that Tom will be remembered for! During the two-to-three Tribe swap, he ended up on the new Visayas Tribe – with Chané, but that relationship soon soured, leaving Tom in the wilderness. Then there was the fight over fish with Palesa. And the verbal fisticuffs with PK. Oh, wait: then the other fight with PK! He was also fighting a stomach ulcer – see more in this secret scene.

Memorably, he put his differences with Palesa aside for an epic Reward Challenge win, and when Palesa won an Individual Reward challenge, to which she could invite another player, she unbelievably chose Tom, and the sight of them having breakfast in bed was surreal.

Palesa thought that she could appeal to Tom’s sensitivities and get him to let her know when her time was up. He didn’t keep his word, and Palesa ended up leaving the game with an Immunity Idol in her bag.

He then didn’t keep his word with Werner – they’d promised each other final three – and joined Jeanne’s plan to oust the game’s most formidable player.He’ll also be remembered for this!