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#SurvivorSA: Who will be the Sole Survivor?

13 August 2018
Will it be Annalize, Jeanne or Tom?

PHOTO: Ready to make their case for the Million – Thursday 16 August 2018 at 19:00 on #MNet101!

After 39 days of Outwitting, Outplaying and Outlasting their fellow Castaways, the Final 3 on M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Philippines are just two hours away from the R1 Million prize and title of ‘Sole Survivor’. And in a season which was all about vicious twists, unexpected turns and cataclysmic blindsides, the epic two-hour Final episode of Survivor South Africa: Philippines (Thursday 16 August) is set to turn up the heat, like never before.
Annalize, Jeanne and Tom must face one final Immunity Challenge, with the winner securing an epic advantage – not just a guaranteed ticket to the Final, but also the ability to vote one member off the Jury as they prepare to make their case for the Million. To win the ultimate advantage, they’ll have to combine speed, skill and stamina – and keep their wits about them.
After a strong start to the game as a member of the ‘Big 5’ at Luzon before a comeuppance in episode 2 when she almost went home, herself, Annalize played mostly under the radar – and managed to earn herself a prominent role amongst the ‘blues’ at Mindanao and later, at Araw. She joined Mindanao during Episode 4’s Tribe Shuffle and was voted out in Episode 6 – but instead found herself heading across to Luzon, instead of out of the game altogether. Staying close to Werner helped her cause all the way through to Episode 15, where she heeded Jeanne’s warning that none of them stood a chance at the prize if they found themselves alongside the Pastor before the Jury, and duly helped vote out the ‘Godfather’.
Survivor Superfan Jeanne entered the game hoping that people would underestimate her because of her stature, declaring: “They have got to think that they can beat me”. She and Stacey-Lee thrashed Tom and Ace in the first fire-making challenge, marking her out as a fierce competitor. The Tribe Shuffle in Episode 4 helped Jeanne, when finding herself in a former Mindanao-led majority alongside Toni and Werner, versus Ace and Josie, gave her a stay of execution. She was in camp when Werner picked up the Idol that Ace had so frantically been digging for, meaning he had to take her into his confidence and giving her yet another lifeline. She milked that bond with Werner all the way up to Episode 15, where she completed an amazing come-from-behind victory in the ‘Dragon’s Breath’ challenge and engineered Werner’s departure via Tom and Annalize.

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Despite Tom continually irking almost everyone in the game – even those outside his tribes – he made it to Merge on the back of a combination of his outdoor survival skills and being in the right place at the right time. Despite being the third-oldest of the Castaways this season (behind Neil and Annalize), Tom’s ability to find food, build shelter and make fire won him several reprieves in the game – despite losing out to Jeanne and Stacey-Lee in the fire-making challenge in episode 1, which he described as “a humbling experience”. With an Immunity Idol in his pocket, Episode 4’s Tribe Shuffle saw him partnered with Chané at new tribe Visayas and up against former Luzon members Vusi and Palesa, with Murishca the sole newcomer. His behaviour around camp – in particular, his eating habits – pitted Chané against him but he made it to Merge and when his former tribemates failed to approach him, the ‘blue blood’ bloc gleefully swooped in and made him one of them, as he slowly helped vote out his former red tribemates one by one. His sworn allegiance to Werner saw him snitch on Katinka to help send her home – but he finally capitulated in sight of the Final and helped vote the Pastor out last week to give himself a shot at the R1 Million prize.
It all comes down to this week – who can claim the final, pivotal advantage of the season, and what can the Final Two say to convince the Jury to hand them R1 Million and the title of Sole Survivor? Tune in to Survivor SA: Philippines this Thursday (16 August) for the epic two-hour Finale at 19:00 on M-Net 101, to see who Outlasts after Outwitting and Outplaying their fellow Castaways.
A Live Chat will be running on the DStv Online YouTube page during the Final this week, from 19:00 on Thursday 16 August and a special Live After: Survivor South Africa episode will be streamed from 18:05 after Sunday 19 August’s repeat of the Survivor South Africa: Philippines Final on M-Net 101, featuring the winner of Season 6 and a host of surprises. Get your questions for the winner in, by tweeting using #LiveAfter and @survivor_sa and Phil get them to answer it in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ segment of the show.

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