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Survivor SA: A Season Of Firsts

15 August 2018
We look back at all the events that took place for the first time in Survivor SA history this season.

PHOTO: Palesa fetches an Immunity Idol at Tribal Council.

Survivor SA: Philippines was not only memorable for its oustanding Castaways, epic challenges and iconic moments, but it was also a season for breaking new ground in the show. In the spirit of this season of firsts, we take you through all the key events that took place for the first time in Survivor SA!

39 Days

Survivor SA: Philippines was the first to span 39 days, a full 12 days longer than the previous season of Survivor SA. Not only did this long spell on the island give audiences more to indulge in, but also made the journey even tougher on all of the contestants.

Rock Draw

An iconic event in the world of Survivor took place for the first time on a local season of the show! Luzon were split right in half when they voted at their second Tribal Council and, therefore, had to resort to drawing rocks. The Castaway that draws the white rock has to leave the island immediately and, in this case, Neil was the unfortunate recipient.

3 Tribes

The Castaways were hit with a shocking turn of events when two tribes were split into three. Alliances were split apart in the process and many Castaways had to improvise and reevaluate their game plans!

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Double Tribal Council

On day 12, we also saw the two losing tribes at the Immunity Challenge going to Tribal Council at the same time! Although both tribes only voted off one of their own members, it still added an interesting dynamic to the game as both tribes had the opportunity to gain insight and listen to what was going on in the opposing tribe.

Tribe Switch

However, there was another twist in the Double Tribal Council tale. While Marthinus decided he’d had enough and was asked to leave immediately, this did not save his tribe from having to vote. And, after the results were read, it was revealed that nobody would actually be eliminated. Instead, the evicted Castaways were given a lifeline and switched tribes along with another member of their old tribe to keep them company.

Extra Vote

Exile Island came into play on day 30 when Tom sent Annalize and Toni into seclusion. It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, as the pair found a clue to an advantage, which was found right beneath their noses. The advantage turned out to be an extra vote that they could use at any point up until Final 5.

A hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council

During the Tribe Split, Palesa found a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol. Remarkably, the clue lead her to Tribal Council, where she simply stood up, walked forward and took what was her’s. Not only was this the first time in Survivor SA history that this occurred, but it was actually the first time in international Survivor history that an Immunity Idol was found at Tribal Council!

Survivor SA: Philippines had many surprises in store for the Castaways and viewers alike! The producers tossed one curveball after the other and left a nation shocked and intrigued week after week. Ultimately, this season of firsts will surely go down as a season of greats.

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