Survivor SA

Play that Idol, Palesa!

13 July 2018
You were all in the feels on Twitter during our latest episode, when Palesa’s instincts apparently failed her.

There was one major talking point on Twitter last night: frustratingly, Palesa – a power player – failed to play her Immunity Idol and got the boot.

Series producer Leroux Botha warmed us up for the massive moment.

And there were other points of contention, like an angry Toni putting Werner on blast.

Katinka’s confession that she felt like “Tom Hanks in Castaway – without Wilson – had many reaching for the gifs – and Zavion’s was the best of the bunch.

The superb Challenges got love.

Palesa’s frankly bizarre decision to share her Reward with Tom was met with predictable shock.

Then Palesa found the Immunity Idol, but those rejoicing were about to be hit with a nasty surprise.

And then, the moment that mattered: Palesa’s failure to save her own damn self!

Blame Miss T!

Or Zavion.

Or Tom…

You know how people like to shout at their television? Well, it was like that, but on Twitter. First with the pleas.

Followed by disbelief.

There are hundreds more. And there’s always more next week – Zavion’s looking on the bright side!

Here’s what to look forward to in our next ep – see you on the timeline!

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