Survivor SA

Betrayal and Boss Moves

10 August 2018
Amazing challenges and a massive Tribal Council – your best Twitter reactions.
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Despite the Women’s Day holiday, our Twitter regulars were at the ready.

Our series director shared a great nugget about the Reward Challenge – and then a great reaction to Tom’s winning reaction.

Former castaway Ace and the always-brilliant Bio-Strath were also amused by Tom’s antics.

Miss T… Now we can’t unsee this!

Then came the massive Immunity Challenge – the biggest of the season. And an unlikely winner…

There were gifs galore ahead of what was panning out to be one helluva Tribal Council…

This shout-out for Palesa really stood out.

As did this piece of clever cropping.

The Goddard family were playing along and have inspired us to start prepping ‘Survivor: The Prediction Game’!

Then, the shocker: Werner, bossing the game since day dot, finally had his torch snuffed…

(We think this last one may be THE BEST DAMN TWEET OF THE SEASON!)

And much of back-patting ensued.

What awaits us in the finale? It’s bound to be scorching – just don’t bite your fingers down to the bone: we need your tweets!

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