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Twitter is thirsty for our super-hot Survivors! – Survivor SA

17 May 2019
There was so much chatter on Twitter during our premiere, and A LOT of it had to do with our castaways’ looks.
Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 14.35.23

There were, of course, comments for the evergreen Nico:

But former castaway Zavion was shocked at literally how hot the whole bunch were:


He wasn’t alone:

The beefcake boys were acquiring many admirers:

Especially Rob – it’s in the eyes!

Strangely – considering there are three beauty queens amongst the castaways – there were only a smattering of mentions for the ladies:

And when they came, they weren’t for the more traditional lookers:


Super-fan and Wedding Basher Zavion was in #TBT mode:

(That’s actor/singer/model Izak Davel, who was on 2008’s Survivor SA: Santa Carolina – his red speedo was a season talking point!)

And all the hotness was matched at this viewing party – looking good, Zavion!

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