Survivor SA

The #SurvivorSA season premiere on social media

04 May 2018
Some of your tweets were as spicy as what was happening on screen!
SSA6 Ep.1 Guy in Suit

The day before our premiere, DStv challenged 947 on-air personalities Greg and Lucky to a series of Survivor-style challenges – and Lucky didn’t handle this one particularly well!

#WeddingBashers’ Zavion Kotze was a celeb Survivor – and he had an awesome #TBT!

Former #SurvivorSA winner Graham Jenneker was also tuning in.

While Jarred van Vuuren had the first #SurvivorSA gif of the season lined up!

Serial M-Net- and gif-junkie Leandra E wasn’t far behind – yes: that’s Destiny’s Child in the ‘Survivor’ video!

947 Breakfast’s Alex Caige was tuned in.

And excitement was palpable!

Another former castaway, Roxy Burger admired Tevin’s upfront strategy.

And Sweet Salts pointed out what we noticed after 10 minutes: these people didn’t come to make lasting friendships!

Vuyo Mkhize was frankly gob-smacked by the blistering start.

It had some reaching for the popcorn… er, John Stewart popcorn meme!

Zahira had a spot-on observation and deserved her ‘mic drop’ moment.

Journo Craig Jacobs (another former castaway) was one of many talking about Marthunis.

And while fire was, of course, a major element in the episode, it also summed up the on-screen heat perfectly!

Werner’s clue-eating escapades elicited amusement.

While some, like SIndi, were just trying to make sense of the shifting alliances.

Roxy Burger seemed happy about Ace’s newfound power.

Animal emojis abounded.

Drake rocked up to show his appreciation :D

But the clever folk at Steers win our ‘Tweet of the Week’!

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