Survivor SA

It’s war on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

17 July 2019
Battle lines have been drawn and it's all-out war on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets.
Survivor SA S7 Ep 10 Preview

Have the votes at last week’s tumultuous Tribal Council drawn the battle lines in M-Net’s Survivor SA: Island of Secrets? Meryl became the first person of the jury when Rob, Nicole, Durāo, Seipei, Mmaba, Geoff and Mike wrote down her name. But Cobus, Jacques, Laetitia, Meryl and Danté gunned for Geoff to which Jacques’s additional vote (an advantage he gained earlier in the game) was added. 

Will Geoff, who has already proved to be a dangerous puppet master, hold grudges and make moves to ensure that he is not the next to go. And, will he find out that he was also the next one on Rob’s pecking order, even though the two of them voted on the same side last week? Anything can happen in the game of Survivor! Especially when someone suddenly becomes a massive threat.

More reasons to watch this week’s episode.

  • Puppet Masters. Who are really pulling the strings at Manumalo and what if these strings become all mangled up?
  • Scrambling. Danté lost his trusted alliance member, Meryl, last week and has irked quite a few members of the Tribe already. Who will he turn to now?
  • Guilty Pleasures. The Reward Challenge promises a treat that is definitely worth working for!
  • Temptations. The Immunity Challenge is tougher than ever before. But the castaways have the option of sitting it out, in exchange for something delectable. Which of the twelve members from Manumalo feel safe enough to sit out, and how will the Tribe interpret their decision? 

Twelve are left, who will be voted out next?

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