Survivor SA

Gifs that Keep on Giving

20 July 2018
The best animated reactions to the latest #SurvivorSA.
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Palesa is certainly taking advantage of her “Queen” label!

Pranay nailed the sense of expectancy.

Zavion had encouragement for Toni.

Miss T was, er, game for the breakdown in Toni’s relationship with Werner.

But she was less convinced about his motives.

Sedzani reiterated the obvious with the iconic Homer gif.

Nico = sass-machine!

We just had to LOL at Tom’s “proposal”!

While Rozanne just rolled her eyes.

Jeanne’s tell-all policy had Leandra gesticulating.

Rozanne had a Rihanna moment.

Yeah right, Katinka: you were only “burning” beans!

But her assertion that it was her plan, and that she’s playing the game, didn’t convince Miss T.

A suitably Survivor gifs for PK.

Zavion was looking forward to a “lit” Tribal Council.

But going to Tribal lit? Zavion has a gif for that!

Everyone seems to think Palesa is royalty!

And Zavion thinks Jeanne is the queen of something.

Stuart thinks we can just stop watching.

Toni’s parting words raised some brows.

Raquel took the cute out of a twisted Tribal Council.

Never a dull moment on #SurvivorSA!

Luqman is gonna miss Toni.

Yoh: and next week looks like more fire!

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