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The Fierce Four – Survivor SA

05 September 2019
Who will be crowned the ultimate Survivor?
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The game has been extremely intense, delivering a countless number of twists and turns. Alliances have formed and been broken and big betrayals made things go BOOM! Now we're down to the top 4, who are thirsty for victory and will do anything to be crowned the ultimate survivor.

Let's look at the top 4 players.

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Player: Laetitia AKA Tannie Laetitia
Strengths: Never giving up, a true fighter, ability to remain calm.
Skills: Listening. Planning. Persevering.
Best quote: “Quitting is not one of my words, it’s not in my dictionary.”

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Player: Nicole
Strengths: Resilience and gaining others' trust.
Skills: Speed. Ability to form alliances, ability to cry on cue, great acting skills.
Best quote: "I'm not a puppet, I'm a collaborator."

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Player: Rob AKA Robfather, The Godfather, and King Rob.
Strengths: Determination. Consistency. Control.
Skills: Ability to breathe underwater. Fire-making skills, speed, and good social skills.
Best quote: "I need to play the best game I can."

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Player: Durao
Strengths: Kindness. Talking a good game. Patience.
Skills: Eating doughnuts. Keeping alliances. Making fake Idols.
Best quote: "This is where I say goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy."

The stakes are high and it's almost GAME OVER! Don't miss the grand 2-hour finale next week Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net channel 101.

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