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Divided about Danté – Survivor SA

02 August 2019
Twitter has some strong feelings about our latest ousted castaway.
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Last season’s Ace is an astute observer:

But he acknowledged Danté’s weakness:

Your reactions to his reaction post tribal echoed this:

But his power-play at the reward challenge (like previous ones) impressed:

The reward itself was revealing:

Nzo is firmly for:

As is Sabetha:

And Khutso:

And fleabag:

And Albert:

And Sheldon:

And even previous player Marian:

But that’s a firm no from Stacey:

And Kano:

And Ryan:

‘Resha, with a familiar refrain!

But it was again evident at tribal council that Danté got what the others aren’t:

Love him or loathe him, Aquaman will be missed!

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