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The End of a Supernatural Era

07 September 2020
Welcome to the end!
Supernatural S15 Article

Avid horror fans will forever love our dangerous and daring Winchester brothers who are the bravest duo we've seen on our screens. Supernatural has given us fifteen action-packed and chilling seasons. It's been one hell of a journey with Sam, Dean, and the dark forces of the supernatural realm and we've enjoyed every minute of the ride. Let's look at what we'll miss about this phenomenal series as it draws to a close. 

The Epic Lines

They're the demon slayers with sharp tongues! Dean and Sam have had some of the funniest, coolest, and hard-hitting lines in the series. We've got our best pick of their lines here.

The Horror

Every episode had the perfect dose of horror, leaving us horror fans completely satisfied. Haunted houses, graveyards, and scary asylums are what gets the heart racing, but let's not forget those moments when we thought that Dean or Sam were toast! You can check our top super scary episodes here.

The Villains

Witches, poltergeists, vampires, devils, and zombies, take your pick. The show has been host to several vengeful and vicious spirits. We've included our most memorable villains here.

The Special Effects

From blood to the bone-chilling moments and of course, the make-up that brought the villainous villains to life! Supernatural delivered superb special effects that made the scenes quite realistic and very unforgettable.

The Brotherhood

The show has certainly given us many teary-eyed moments as we watched the brotherly love unfold on screen. Sam and Dean always had each other's backs no matter what and this is one bromance that can't be matched.

Farewell to an amazing cast and a show that will soon become a true horror classic. And in true Supernatural style, we'll leave you with this line, "Saving people, hunting things. The family business." - Dean