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Most Memorable Supernatural Villains

03 August 2020
The villains that got under our skin.
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Warning: Contains Spoilers

Ghosts, witches, zombies, and many vengeful spirits are just some of what Dean and Sam had to face off during their often terrifying and action-packed Supernatural quests. There have been villains we've loved and loved to hate. Their deadly demeanors are unforgettable and they stay with us long after the episode ends. We take a look at some of the most memorable villains of the Supernatural realm.

Mordechai - Hell House

A hoax story created by two desperate paranormal investigators comes to life as the murderous Mordechai takes over in this chilling episode. The zombie-faced-mad-man with an ax in hand ready for the kill is embedded in our minds forever. This Tulpa spirit is enough to make any grown man run for his life, which is exactly what Dean and Sam did!

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Scarecrow - Scarecrow

Scarecrow was also ranked in our Super Scary Supernatural Episodes and it's quite fitting that he's made it onto this list as well. We don't know about you, but there's something very spooky and very scary about scarecrows, let alone one that wants to eat you alive! We got Jeeper Creepers vibes with this villain and his gruesome demeanor makes him ever so memorable.

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Dracula - Monster Movie

An iconic black and white episode that paid homage to the the the horror genre of the yesteryears. Dean and Sam found themselves trapped in a classic horror movie, with a shapeshifter who could take the form of any classic movie monster it chooses. This will give you the heeby-jeebies, but it was Count Dracula who stole the show in this episode while trying to steal some blood.  

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The Steyn Family

"Dr. Steyn will see you now," are not the words you'd want to ever hear. Remember when Dean and Sam encountered the Frankenstein family aka The Steyn family?  The dangerous and deadly skilled surgeons who will harvest your organs with ease. Even though Dean killed the entire family to avenge Charlie's death, it's said that there's still many of them out there - we're definitely sleeping with one eye open.

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The deadly double agent! Admit it, you somewhat fell in love with the wonderful and bad-to-the-bone Ruby. She charmed her way into the Winchester brothers' lives and showed Sam "how to slay his demons", but in a twist of events, she was out for his blood all along! Not all demons have a deadly face: they can be beautiful, bold, and boisterous, but sinister too.

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Missy - The Benders

Who can forget little miss Missy!? At first glance, this girl appeared to be an innocent, helpless child who was held hostage by some menacing hillbillies. But we were so wrong! Missy was the perfect accomplice to her family's bloodthirsty sport... hunting humans! She developed a taste for the family's gruesome tradition and craved Sam and Dean's blood. We're getting chills just thinking about it.

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Twins - Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Speaking of young and innocent children... remember these angry spirits? While Dean and Sam had to deal with another killer spirit, these girls haunted a man named Bobby who previously was not able to save them from their deadly fate. These little ghosts give us the total creeps and it's like they were starring into our souls the whole episode!

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Amara/The Darkness

A dark force that has existed since the beginning of time, Amara battled between good and evil throughout the seasons. She fell in love with Dean, betrayed him and her brother God as she devoured human souls to gain her powers. However, she eventually redeemed herself and will always be one of the most mesmerising villains we've ever encountered.

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The fallen angel himself, Lucifer has been the biggest and baddest arch-enemy of the Winchester Brother and has taken them on one HELL of a ride. He has taken on the shapes and forms of several characters, including possessing the brothers to unleash his wrath. There is no one quite like Lucifer. The dark angel is truly the epitome of evil and very unforgettable. Even though he was banished to the empty, evil himself could be resurrected once again.

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These are just some of our best picks. What's yours? Share them with us on @MNetseries and join Sam and Dean on more deadly hunts in the final season of Supernatural on Fridays at 20:00.