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Red flag or green flag? – Summertide

05 July 2024
The red flag/green flag police is in town.

Summertide brings us love triangles, family woes, romance, and loads of drama. While we are immersed in each character's life, we get to see their positive and negative traits. The red flag/green flag police is in town and this is who was found guilty!

Rebecca is a strong, independent woman, and never backs down from a challenge, but her ultimate flaw is keeping secrets from her loved ones ... big, dark ones. Hiding the truth from Martin that Amina is his daughter is a big no-no in our books – especially since we know what an awesome father Martin is, and Amina is sure to benefit from that father-daughter relationship. Sorry Rebecca, but we're not sorry, we're giving you six red flags for this one.

Martin is stern and set in his ways, but when it comes to his kids he can be quite understanding. He's very loving towards Lucy, and even though he sometimes gives Tristan tough love, it always comes from a nurturing place. We give him a whopping five green flags for being the best dad ever.

Can we just say that Gavin is one great partner? He stands by Rebecca against all odds and always tries to make things work, and despite her dropping a huge bombshell on him that Amina is her daughter, he still is loyal to her. Gavin, you're one in a million and we give you six green flags for this.

Hannes is a tough man who often comes across as the bad guy. His tough love for his kids can be questionable, especially on Wesley who often gets the short end of the stick when Hannes decides to do something for Yolande. While our heart bleeds for Yolande and her diagnosis, we can't help but give you four red flags for this injustice to your son.

Wesley is such a supportive big brother and his love for Yolande always shows. He puts her first and plays the protective big brother role very well. He let Tristan know that if he ever hurt his sister, he will have him to answer to. Wesley, you have huge responsibility on your shoulders and we give you six green flags for being the best brother of the year.

Tristan may have many flaws but his strong point is being a loving and supportive boyfriend to Yolande. He stands by her decisions and is by her side through her illness. For this, we him five green flags. 

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