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Personalities of the ocean – Summertide

20 May 2024
Dive in and check out these cool personalities of the ocean.

Each character in Summertide brings something so magical to our screens. The ocean is their playground in beautiful Simon's Town. Let's look at which creatures of the ocean they share characteristics with. 

Tristan – seahorse
Mysterious like a seahorse, Tristan has many layers to his personality. Like a seahorse who uses camouflage to blend in with the environment, so does Tristan. Seahorses can come across as free-spirited and Tristan has a carefree approach to life.

Martin – shark
Martin is fierce like some sharks when he needs to protect his family and is not afraid of great danger. Sharks are excellent swimmers, just like Martin, and the ocean is their territory. We guess that is why Martin is so protective of the ocean and chose a career in marine biology.

Gavin – starfish
Gavin is laid back like a starfish on the beach. His personality is as colourful as these magnificent creatures. Starfish can give off a strong, mucus-like repellant when they feel threatened, and much like them, Gavin can stand up for himself when he needs to.

Rebecca – octopus
She is so good at juggling so many things, it is as if Rebecca has eight "tentacles", just like an octopus. These creatures are highly intelligent and know how to escape a troublesome situation, and so does Rebecca.

Lucy – dolphin
Lucy brings a ray of light to any situation with cheer and positive vibes. Dolphins are the friends of the ocean and are very curious, and Lucy shares the same attributes.

Wilma – butterflyfish
Beautiful and poised like a butterfly fish, Wilma's beauty shines on the inside and out and is loved by many just like this beautiful ocean creature. Butterflyfish spend their days working hard by pecking at coral, and Wilma is equally a hard worker, catering to everyone's needs.

Jack – whale
Whales are intelligent and good at problem-solving and communicating with each other. This is very much like Jack who is often a voice of reason and often gives sound advice to his family members.

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