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Momentous shift in Summertide as great white sharks return to shore

06 June 2024
Coming up in Summertide.
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A memory of a loved one ...

Previously on Summertide, the Fields family gathered to scatter Julia's ashes in an emotional ceremony, symbolising her transformation into an "underwater ocean warrior". As they prepared to say goodbye, personal conflicts and community tensions surfaced, including Martin's concerns about the presence of sharks and the controversial shark cage diving operations. A beautiful Charlie walked into Martin’s life for the better. Hannes launched a shark cage diving business to raise funds for Yolande's medical treatment, while Rebecca's hidden family secrets threatened to disrupt her relationship with Gavin after a new face, Amina, joined the Summertide community.

This week ... 

Get ready for a new gripping episode of Summertide as the coastal town of False Bay experiences a dramatic turn of events. Martin's early morning observation of great white sharks close to shore sparks a mix of emotions throughout the community. While Martin sees this as a sign of ecological recovery, many townsfolk react with panic, fearing for their safety.

As the news spreads like wildfire, Wilma attempts to educate the public and diffuse the hysteria, all while Jack and Wilma confront their personal and marital issues. Meanwhile, Hannes defends the shark cage diving industry against accusations, leading to a tense altercation with a group planning to use homemade bombs to scare off the sharks.

Rebecca grapples with deep personal struggles and unresolved family tensions related to a long-hidden secret about her relation to Amina, causing strain in her engagement to Gavin. Martin finally reveals his feelings to Charlie, and they share a romantic moment.

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