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M-Net’s Summertide trailer lands with a splash

11 December 2023
First look at the brand-new multigenerational family drama
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M-Net has released the trailer for its continuous, 52-week local production Summertide, which is set to air on 28 January 2024 in the channel’s Sunday 18:00 slot. The trailer reveals stunning cinematography of Cape Town’s False Bay area, a slew of talented local actors, and an intriguing introduction to the show’s fictional Field family. Tackling themes of grief, the transformative power of love, community, conservation, and transformation, Summertide is set to be deeply character-driven.

Corné and René van Rooyen from Red Letter Day Pictures (the award-winning team behind Alles Malan) call it a “deep dive into the crazy, messy, and beautiful world of familial bonds.” Say the producers: “We’ve crafted a compelling narrative using a large ensemble and a multigenerational cast, delving into the authentic dynamics of a South African family. Each episode extends an invitation to viewers to connect with a specific branch of the Field family tree.”

A deeper dive into the characters

Martin Field

Played by Frank Rautenbach (Lioness, Reyka season 2), Martin is Summertide’s lead protagonist. He’s a dedicated marine biologist grappling with the tragic loss of his wife and the challenges of raising his two children without her. He’s moved the family into his parents' house in False Bay and must now face a new set of challenges. Martin grew up in Cape Town and as an avid diver, underwater is where he feels most comfortable. In the deep blue, he’s free, confident, and the centre of the universe. It’s on land that he feels tethered, tied down, and a little out of control. As a result, he’s somewhat of a perfectionist.

Julia Field

Played by Amalia Uys (Desert Rose, Sy Klink Soos Lente) is Martin’s late wife, Julia. Julia was the sunshine in Martin’s life. She laughed easily, had a great sense of humour, and an easy take on life. When she and Martin met, there was an instant recognition: this person had what he needed to make him a better person. The only difference between them was that Julia was as comfortable out of the water, as in. She’s deeply missed by Martin and her two children.

Rebecca Solomons       

Monique Rockman (Suidooster, Binnelanders, and Gaia) plays Rebecca, a renowned Michelin star chef and Martin's former flame. She left behind an illustrious career in New York to take care of her sick father and manage the family's fishing vessels. When she crosses paths with Martin’s brother Gavin, a romantic relationship evolves.

Gavin Field

Tyrone Keogh (The Wild, Still Breathing) steps into the shoes of Martin's brother, Gavin. He’s a retired pro surfer who runs a small surfboard business and lives out the back of his parents’ house. Gavin is the family’s black sheep and must confront his aversion to commitment as he navigates a profound connection with the self-assured Rebeca, which leads him to question the very foundation of his choices.

Tristan Field

Jan Combrink (Moffie) plays 16-year-old Tristan, Martin’s son. Tristan has been moved around a lot by his parents, and the death of his mother has rocked his foundations. Like many teenagers, he rebels against authority and often feels alone. He finds solace and connection with his girlfriend, who’s the one he confides in the most.

Lucy Field

Young Evangelina Hallock plays Martin’s daughter, 10-year-old Lucy. Lucy sees herself as an old soul, and she tries to fill the shoes of her mom, dishing motherly wisdom to Tristan and even Martin. When she’s yanked out of what she knows and dropped into a new home and school, she reacts by hanging on to her memories of her mother at all costs and creating something of a fantasy world around herself.

Wilma Field

Veteran stage and screen actor Terry Norton (Egoli) plays Martin’s mom, Wilma. Wilma is a hardworking homemaker who can’t sit still. She grew up believing men should wear the crown, no matter what – but her beliefs are challenged as she helps navigate the craziness of guiding her grown-up kids through parenthood, all while dealing with the unexpected chaos of having grandkids back in the house.

Jack Field

Legendary actor Andre Jacobs (Invictus, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Hammarskjöld) stars as Martin’s dad, Jack Field. Jack has recently retired from a lifetime of service as a naval commander, where he was highly respected. A patriarch by nature, he has his own ideas about how children should be raised – and they often clash with Martin’s beliefs.

Viewers can ride the waves of Summertide on M-Net (DStv channel 101, every Sunday at 18:00 from 28 January next year. This leads into Carte Blanche at 19:00 and the Sunday night blockbuster movie at 20:05.  All shows will be live-streamed on DStv Stream and are available on DStv Catch Up. Join the conversation on XInstagram, TikTok, and Facebook using #SummertideSA.