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The sounds of Still Breathing

13 May 2020
You've been asking for it and here it is. The music of Still Breathing.
The sounds of Still Breathing Article

With drama, intrigue and emotional upheaval in every episode, M-Net's newest drama series, Stil Breathing, has become a Thursday night staple. And, besides a clamouring for a second season, there's one thing above all else M-Net viewers have been begging for, a Still Breathing playlist. 

There's no doubt that the soundtrack to Still Breathing has played an integral part in lifting the emotional aspect of the drama to new heights. Whether amplifying distress, inciting laughter or adding poise to poignant moments, the right music in the right moments has helped elevate the series to new heights.

So, in celebration of the music of Still Breathing, we bring you the Still Breathing Playlist. Enjoy!