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The looks we love – Still Breathing

11 May 2020
Clothes form a huge part of a character's persona.
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Each character's style is so unique. The Still Breathing wardrobe department have managed to create every look by sourcing clothes or hiring items to perfect each ensemble.


The girl next door

Abi: With the subtlest hippie vibes, Abi's clothes are laid-back to reflect her easy girl-next-door personality. The curly hair also adds to her effortless natural look.

1589198636 56 abi designed image

Working girl

Candice: As a career driven woman – before being fired – Candice is all about the corporate look. She often wears pencil shirts, high heels, and muted tones suitable for her work environment. But for some va-va-voom, she wears leopard print and no one can pull it off the way Candice can.

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Busy mum

Jessica: As a mother of three kids, it is no wonder Jessica dresses for comfort and convenience. She is often seen carrying big bags, no doubt, filled with anything and everything she may need. But she still has plenty of style oozing through her quirky prints and gorgeous flowing fabrics.

1589198816 56 jessica designed image

Warrior of justice

Lucille: Being an advocate, Lucille's wardrobe is all about professionalism while she is making a difference. She wears clean shirts, with either pencil skirts and structured pants paired with blazers and killer stilettoes.

1589198924 56 lucille designed image

Bold and beautiful

Noli: Colour is Noli's friend, along with bigger accessories that stand out. She is confidant and it shows in her bright hues and structured hand bags.

1589198990 56 noli designed image

Young and fresh

Tegan: With age on her side, Tegan is able to pull off almost anything. Her wardrobe screams exuberant youthfulness.  She plays around with all sorts of prints – polka dots, floral, and stripes – and it pretty much all looks amazing on her.

1589199150 56 tegan designed image

Always chic

Trish: As one of the matriarchs of the many families on the show, Trish's style shows that she is from a wealthy family. Her choices are more structured which complements her age. "Trish is very upmarket and classy so you would have to create the illusion they are earning a lot of money so very crisp clean edges," says Mary-Sue Morris, the wardrobe head of department.

1589199215 56 trish designed image

Effortless style

T-Boss: When not in scrubs, T-Boss wears shirts with clean lines to accentuate his built frame. With subtle style cues such as elbow patches and small prints, he stands out in any crowd.

1589199295 56 t boss designed image

Come-back kid

Danny: Remember when plaid was in in the mid-1990s? Danny is part of its revival culture and this is what we see him wear the most. It makes sense though, with having three kids and a restaurant under renovation, who would want to wear anything else?

1589199376 56 danny designed image

Sleek and cool

Trent: The little we've seen of Trent, we can tell he was about the power look. Wearing suits, tailored waist-coats, and blazers, he shows he is in charge and loves it.

1589199446 56 trent designed image

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