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Quotes that left us bawling – Still Breathing

10 March 2020
Still Breathing packs every emotional punch possible.
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The second episode of Still Breathing elicited sadness, excitement, joy, grief, confusion, and wonder. It is stellar screenwriting combined with excellent acting that makes this drama so relatable.

These are some of the quotes from the recently aired episode that left us, well, weepy.

When Jessica was hesitant to tell her children of Trent's passing:

1583837664 34 quites jessica kids one more day


When Abi pondered the drastic change in her life in a short space of time:

1583837725 34 quotes abi widow


Old friends, like Lucille came back into the picture and we're curious to see how it unfolds:

1583837761 34 quotes lucille not leaving



Danny showed his tremendous support for his family, despite also grieving the loss of his best friend:

1583838030 34 my love is so amazing


T-Boss told Candice the truth, even if she didn't seem ready to hear it:

1583837853 34 quotes t boss never yours to lose


Abi told Lucille off:

1583838139 34 vulture


Noli spoke of the harsh reality T-Boss doesn't seem to see and questioned notions of family:

1583837804 34 quotes noli dishes


Tegan stood up to her father after the huge fight they had with Abi:

1583837906 34 quotes oliver just like her



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