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Quotes of the season – Still Breathing

25 May 2020
We'll never forget these lines.
Still Breathing S13 ep13 article quotes of the season

Week after week, our Still Breathing characters brought to life the excellent show script. These are some of the quotes – and we had plenty to choose from – that will always stick in our minds as our quotes of the season. Let us know on social media what you would add to the selection below.

Who can forget Oliver's questionable advice to his son, Trent, in the first episode?

1590403038 34 mr williams meme

And after Trent's funeral, Jessica told it like it is when chatting to Stephen.

1590403263 34 jess quote

And again, Jessica held nothing back when telling Lucille off.

1590403331 34 mama shark

Abi described her grief in the most eloquent way.

1590403388 34 float away

In a light hearted moment, Abi marvelled at Stephen for packing padkos.

1590403459 34 padkos

T-Boss' mums, Mrs Jones and Innocent, shared a touching moment in the hospital.

1590403577 34 mrs jones bravest

Oliver's wife, Trish, has her say when she catches him kissing another woman.  

1590403670 34 quote trish

We absolutely adored the description Colin gave to a typical Joburg thunderstorm.

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