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Our leading men – Still Breathing

31 March 2020
The men of Still Breathing boast a bevy of skills with impressive bios.
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From singing to comedy to writing, the male cast members leave no stone unturned.


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What you may not have known:

  • Ngesi is an accomplished actor who began his career at the young age of nine, acting as Gavrosh in Les Misérables. He was lucky enough to sing a piece from the show at Nelson Mandela's birthday party.
  • He is also a talented comedian.
  • He has acted in many movies including World Unseen, Zeenon Z3, Schweitzer, Clint Eastwood’s lnvictus, and Long Walk To Freedom.


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What you may not have known:

  • He acted in the global sci-fi hit District 9, written and directed by fellow South African Neil Blomkamp. His collaboration with Blomkamp continued in another hit, Elysium, alongside Hollywood A-listers Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.
  • Auret is a talented vocalist and musician too. He has appeared in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.
  • He shared praise for Still Breathing on his Instagram account: "I am so happy that you allowed me an opportunity to work on this series. Thank you for allowing me to work with so many talented actors, so many are my heroes, and a crew that cared about the journey of all the characters not just the pretty shots. I now understand the meaning of that old saying ‘The older you get the less you know’. We keep learning because we keep discovering. So good, so unique, so beautifully executed."


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What you may not have known:

  • He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the M-Net New Directions film Salvation in 1998.
  • Other than acting, he writes for TV and film.
  • He wrote and directed Keloid, a film about a woman who donates her kidney to her fiancé. She tries to get it back after he calls off the engagement.

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