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Knocking On Doors - Still Breathing

15 May 2020
When the truth comes knocking
Still Breathing

Last night there were many endearing moments of moving forward and leaving the past behind. Let's look at the doors that were knocked on and what was waiting on the other side...

The Door Of Acceptance
It was a heartwarming moment when Colin finally accepts the state of Helen's ailing condition and decides to give her the help she really needs. "Thank you for doing what you're doing. They will take care of me. I know they will."  "Of us, my love, I'm not gonna leave you...not for a minute."  This couple wins our hearts and the couple goals award!

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The Door Of Reuniting
An endearing moment as mother and son bond after 20 years of being apart. Candice is done with all the secrets and lies and just wants a fresh start. "Matthew, I am tired of all the lies, so tired. I'm coming with you. Listen to your mother, kid." 

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The Door Of Forgiveness
Danny and Jessica finally forgive each other and christen the restaurant in one romantic way! We're so excited that they've made up and let's talk about that proposal at the end... nothing but pure love between these two!

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The Door Of Admitting
Noli admits that she has a problem and makes one hell of a decision. We applaud her for taking the first step to seek help. It was a wonderful moment to finally see T-Boss and her connect but heartwrenching to watch her leave...

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The Door Of  Reconciliation
This long-awaited reconciliation was so worth it. Abi realises that Lucille was telling the truth all along and reaches out to her. A beautiful moment that left us rather teary-eyed. 

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