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Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed in Lies - Still Breathing

17 April 2020
Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and woman in holy matrimony. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Abi "Objects"
Looks like sweet Abi also has some secrets of her own and almost pulled a runaway bride. "Tell me not to do it, tell me not to, tell me you want me...and I want you..."  Abi pours her heart out to Stephen like in an '80s rom-com and it's clear her feelings for him were pretty strong once upon a time. But Stephen does not give in, and says the better man won! Did he?.... PS, we're loving the grease lightning vibes with the jacket.

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Lucille "Objects"
We finally understand just why Abi won't forgive her friend! Lucille spills the beans about Trent! "I love you Abi, and you can't get married today." Trent and Candice quickly activate denial mode and alas, no one believes poor Lucille. We can't help but feel really sympathetic towards dear Lucille. The truth may cut deep, but often there's a higher price to pay for revealing it.

As for our beloved Abi. Sjoe! So much drama on her wedding day!

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Candice "Objects"
Talk about secrets that just get deeper and darker by the minute. Let us pick our jaws off the floor. "We did the right thing, atleast he has a life." Trent and Candice share a child! Candice tries very hard to conceal her lies and love for Trent. But the truth's bound to surface...and all we can say is we don't want to be in Abi's nor Candice's shoes when it does!

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The long-awaited wedding delivered the perfect drama, answered big questions, and revealed dirty little secrets, but also left us with more! The drama continues on Still Breathing on Thursdays at 20:00 on M-Net 101. 

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