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Graceful Goodbyes - Still Breathing

22 May 2020
Parting words that were heartfelt.
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“Every ending has a new beginning.”

What a beautiful journey it's been as we've laughed, cried, and experienced a little thing called life with this amazing Still Breathing family.

As we say goodbye, we leave you with some parting words that will live in our hearts forever.


Danny is done waiting and dives right in by finally deciding to wed Jess, showing us how to seize the moment!

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Stephen pours his heart out to Jess and leaves her with this little life's lesson that we all can live by.

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Trish makes peace with Abi and reminds her of something worth remembering. Love is most powerful.

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The last words Teagan says to her father: a bittersweet moment that reassured us that there is a thin line between love and hate.

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Daddy Colin makes a new start for Helen and himself and makes us remember that maybe, just maybe everything will be fine in the end. 

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Abi has found her peace and freedom as she is determined to move forward with her life, leaving her painful past behind and reminds us all that we're still breathing.

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Thank you for watching with us and being a part of this wonderful journey. Until the next time, keep breathing.

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