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Don't let the lockdown get you down - Still Breathing

04 May 2020
Here are some fun ideas for the lockdown

Don't let the lockdown get you down. These are some of the fun things our characters from Still Breathing have inspired us to do while we're "behind bars" at home!

Online Coffee Chat Party
Ntombi invites Lucille for a coffee date, so who says that coffee time with your besties is off? Grab the girls and the guys...and start a fun online video chat party. You can share ideas for the lockdown, recipes, what's on your watch list, even take the book club online! Just count on a good old cuppa of any hot beverage of your choice to get you all amped up!

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Learn a New Language Online
T-Boss is very keen to learn about his roots and takes on a Zulu course to learn his mother tongue. Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to dig into that foreign language you've been yearning to learn. When we are officially able to travel again, it could come in quite handy! If that's not your thing, try a free online course or learn a cool hobby via the net!

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Clean Out the Closet and Donate
Earlier in the series, Abi let go of Trent's things. The lockdown is a perfect time to clean out the closet and donate things that you don't need anymore. Get in touch with people doing charity runs during this period and donate it to them. Cleaning out the closet will make you feel so much better!  Plus, someone else gets something they may need in the process! 

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Watch Old Family Videos
Ok, so practically no one owns a VCR except Tegan's parents, cause they're so old school! Speaking of old school maybe it's time to switch on those old family videos and take a trip down memory lane. Or how about a good old family classic that you love watching! We've good some awesome movies on our movie channels. Check for our this page for our cool selection!

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Build Your Own Fairytale Castle
Ntombi loves to take Lucille on quite the "adventure." You can create an adventure for the kiddies. Or maybe it's just you and your spouse? 😊 Or you're riding solo!  Building a fun tent in the lounge/bedroom is a fun idea that all can enjoy. To add to the experience, put on a good movie or music and grab your favourite comfort foods - and you're good to go. Everyone deserves a magical adventure.

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What ideas do you have for the lockdown? Share them with us. You can also catch a selection of fantastic shows and movies right here on M-Net 101. We've got Animannia, M-Net Binge and our famous Sunday Night Movies to keep you super entertained. Plus there's The Bachelor SA and Still Breathing on Thursdays! Whew, what a line-up! You're sure to be kept busy. 

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