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A love to surpass all – Still Breathing

04 May 2020
There's nothing quite like a sisterly bond.

One minute you hate the ground they walk on, and the next minute you're ready to punch someone who insulted them. Anyone who has a sister will understand this complex dynamic. They can be your best friend whom you love with all your heart, yes, but also your most loathed rival. It's true.

We've seen this come to life between Abi and Jessica in Still Breathing who share more about their complicated, but ever loving on-screen sisterhood.

Tiffany Barbuzano, who plays Jessica says: "We’re sisters in the show."

"As you can tell," Kate Liquorish, who plays Abi, responds.

"Yes. She’s so incredible as an actress so and also as a human being. I think that was important for me to be able to find someone that actually develops a sisterly bond. And I hope she feels the same way!"

"I do," Liquorish says with a warm smile.

"Ja, ja, ja. Again, it is so important to get chemistry with the people that you’re shooting with. And I think even with just discussions with Kate beforehand, before we even got everything rolling, I knew there was something so spot-on for the character and that the two energies of Kate and myself would match so beautifully! I don’t know how you found it?

They hug and Liquorish says: " Wonderful! Tiffany is the radder sister."


"Irritating sometimes."


"And bossy sometimes!"

"Well, with her you need to be! You literally have to boss her or she’s out of control."

See more of their incredibly cute banter, so much so, they could be real sisters:

Barbuzano says: "I wanted [to pay] homage to a sisterly relationship firstly because of my sister and I needed to capture what that is because the dynamic of a sisterly relationship is unlike any other. You can be best friends with someone and still not have that kind of connection, you know, like even if sisters are apart and even if sisters are fighting and even if sisters are not speaking to each other for years and years and years, there’s still something that draws them back together."

And as our homage to a that unyielding sisterly bond, here are a few quotes from celebs about their sisters.

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