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The grand finale – Reyka

28 February 2024
It all comes full circle this Thursday.

Last week: Reyka’s world threatened to implode as she discovered her kidnapping had been planned for months after Speelman saw her at Sunday school. Seeing a picture of Zwelethu, Zoë, and Tokkie pinned to the board at the Sunrise Children’s Home unsettled her, but she had to put that out of her mind as the Lover’s Lane killer struck again – with victims close to home. Speelman spotted Jodie at Sunrise while trying to track down Gabriel, which stirred the beast within him again.

This week: Ayanda must come to terms with Zwelethu’s murder at the hands of the Lover’s Lane killer. Reyka continues her hunt for Bianca, Jodie’s sex worker mother. Having fought hard for a green light to raid the Maritime Inn, Tanner leads the mission to attempt to free the trafficked women. Speelman recognises a promise ring he gave someone special, decades ago and then lures Jodie into a trap. There’s a reckoning on board My Corona.

Watch out for: Reyka diving head-first into the troubled waters of her past in Durban Harbour. Will this pursuit end better than the one with the Lover’s Lane killer and Leon Lombard at the start of the series?

Did you know?: The underwater scenes in the finale were filmed in the Sydenham swimming pool over two days with a specialist underwater team called The Frog Squad – in the middle of winter.

Location to look out for: 

It took months to plan the filming of the dramatic finale on board My Corona. The interior scenes were filmed aboard a docked ship at the Maritime Museum and a giant green screen was erected in Durban harbour for the exterior scenes. Two endings were also filmed, to give the producers options for the end of season 2.

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